Cover and Skillset:

Nicholas is dedicated to his customers in the highest manner possible. He has a high attention for detail and motivated spirit. He works With you to help bring your vision to life with a great attitude and joyful spirit! Illustration, Photography, Logo/ad design, Video Production, Web Design, and more. See to the Portfolio for examples of work.

Foundation and Principle:

Nicholas is dedicated to help bring his customers the resources they need to market their product and services. His core values are to reflect a joyful outlook in any possible manner towards life and we he holds himself accountable to retain a positive attitude in which he works to ensure your services are taken care of in the correct manner and that you enjoy your experience with us.


Scarlet Rose Media was created by Nick Wheeler with the hopes that it would someday become a well known and good standing company with a positive ethical standing and a good moral basis. Originally the company was created during his final semester in College where he received a fantastic foundation from which to begin his journey.

Plans are limitless with the end goal of becoming an independant film production company as ScarletRose Media Grows.

Nicholas continues to pursue this dream with no doubt of it's fantastic possibilities as to what it may bring in the future.


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